Monday, January 26, 2004

Last Exit to Brooklyn/1989/U.S.A./102min. 

Directed by Uli Edel, previously known for Christiane F., this film is an adaptation of Hubert Selby’s novel - not giving you an answer, but here is the darkness - It’s set in Brooklyn, 1952 - brutal beating of a soldier by local yankee thugs - neighborhood torn by a bitter strike - Harry, union guy with an expense account, and Georgette, effeminate man in women’s clothes, meet in the alley - the homosexual desire provoked - Harry also has a little baby at home and a wife he does not love or understand - line between making love and a beating is thin - major sexual frustration - Joe, union guy with a family, pisses out his apartment window - his daughter Donna is pregnant - is it Tommy on the bike? - Joe’s boy has dreams of buying a motorbike and winning prostitute/hustler Tralala for himself - Tralala has a routine where she drags the occasional soldier out into vacant industrial garbage dump harbour and her gang knocks him out - they split up the cash - Harry likes Georgette who likes Vinny, the leader of Tralala’s thug buddies - Harry watches Vinny and his boys take turns whipping a knife at Georgette and eventually get a knife in the leg - once at home, bleeding badly, Georgette’s brother removes his pants and finds him in women’s panties - his brother tears up his drawer of lady-clothes and freaks on Georgette, the homosexual desire cradled in mom’s arms - Joe and his wife are fighting when Donna’s water breaks - Tralala takes out another sailor for a hustle, but her guys don’t jump him this time – instead they watch and laugh while the sailor forces her into a blowjob - picks up another soldier that offers to take her out to Manhattan – flippin’ off the thugs on the way out – determined to have a good time, the guys go to a drag party - Harry buys booze on the expense account - he lets one guy drop a pill into his drink - smokes a joint - put it in your mouth and suck - Tralala drinks her soldier under the table at the Manhattan bar and meets a 2nd Lieutenant – takes her back to his hotel and offers to hang out for the next few days and buy her a dress - drag party escalates from violence to sex - escape routes are cut off for these frustrated characters – rock and roll hasn’t even hit yet - Georgette does some heroin and misses his chance, while Vinny fucks some other guy in drag - the occasional release of oblivion – wakes up to find the party over, runs out into the street and gets hit high in the air by a car - Selby makes his appearance as the driver of the car - union strike has been on for 6 months - members want to get back to work, but their orders are to keep blocking the gate by picketing - scab routes are cut off but trucks rush the gates early in the morning after the party - Harry slept at the guy’s house and wasn’t at the office when he should have been - his back to his work - relieved of duty and his expense account – after her 2nd Lieutenant’s departure, Tralala brags to the guys about her officer - angry, striking workers, scab truckers, depressing tear-gas-toting urban mockery of real policemen and the usual collection of sleazy company officials pick up anything - rocks, bricks, sticks - clear them out with high pressure water hoses and tear gas to make way for the trucks – depressed and confused, Harry gets a brutal beating for trying to suck off Joe’s boy in an abandoned lot – left hanging arms outstretched on a wooden cross – Tralala, shocked by a romantic letter from her 2nd Lieutenant she cannot comprehend, sinks into a rampage of self destruction - her own body a thing apart, fucks a mob of men – Joe’s boy finally gets his motorbike running – finds Tralala limp on a dirty mattress thrown down on the harbour refuse – she finally realizes what the letter meant and cradles the crying boy in her arms

Friday, January 09, 2004


A middle aged business man, contacted by a secret corporation gets a second chance at life. Softly discomforting, distorted photography, sweaty paranoid repression. When desires become manifest, dissatisfaction in business, identity swinging, only for the rich. After a successful operation and psychoadjustment, dimly shrieking through transplanted vocal chords, emerges a groovy artist. Freedom is a dodgy life. Dissatisfied with the California coast, grape orgy, cocktail party, 'greener on the other side of the fence' mortality/morality; purposeless swinging artist life is not always greener. So he goes back for thirds... waiting for another chance, haunted by his past...but you can't let the mistakes jeopardize the dream.

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